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Procurement Insurance Extensions In Flooded (Program)

The Senate Banking Committee voted Thursday for a five-year extension of the National Flood Insurance for a full Senate vote to send.

"Unprecedented floods this year we have all that Montana has to ready for the tragedy strikes learned Pls) Jon Tester, said Moon, D-Mont., A member of the Banking Committee, said in a news release. "By expanding the National Flood Insurance Program for five years, unless the Banking Committee, that the greater security and Flood Insurance Program put on a sound financial and insurance services and medical assistance, available people in danger of flooding. Will I continue to work make the program better meet the needs and Montana."

About 20,000 communities in the United States to take part in the Federal Emergency Management Agency National Flood Insurance to cut the damage of future floods. In turn, supports the FEMA flood insurance is made available to homeowners, renters and businesses.

Tester is included in the legislation a need for FEMA and the Corps of Engineers in a working group to meet Airways flights to these two organizations to be used jointly for the process to improve certify the levees. The issue exploded in Cascade County that early in this year's floods in two districts.

Changed in 2008, the Army Corps of Engineers to its long-exclusion policy and the federal government has built, but nonfederally banks by the accreditation body. Since then, FEMA has begun updating maps of flood insurance rate increase to need certification, what are opinions of property values, insurance premiums, and requirements for the purchase of insurance against floods.

If the Corps has stopped paying for levee certification for banks, as the fight against floods Grande Levee is West, the power of the small communities of expensive private certification for the owners, who pay premiums to pay higher insurance premiums for flooding.

"There is no reason that the two governments can work together for the communities dependent on these banks for help" Tester said. "This requirement Montana brings a bit of common sense, FEMA and the Corps, "I like to come in the bill."

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