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Change Michigan Auto Insurance

Possible changes in the Michigan auto insurance only for the injured in accidents on the road, the discussion in the legislature of the state.

Michigan is the only state in the nation that mandates unlimited medical benefits for injured people in serious traffic accidents. What would change in the proposals that the driver's insurance cheapest offer in exchange for a blanket to protect against injuries is limited.

Proponents of the changes, including the insurance industry, which will allow motorists to a more expensive and coverage can not afford or choose not to would. Insurers are also seeking help in a system they say is becoming more expensive and threatens their finances.

"If you look at the cost of the system, check rising medical costs, is simply untenable", said Joe Hune Mon, Republican of Livingston County, Hamburg Township and chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee. "There will be a turning point somewhere. The system can not be continued."

The opponents of the bill could threaten the financial stability of the system of the state through no fault auto insurance. It's said that drivers could opt for less reach and under-insurance in serious financial difficulties, if injured severely in an accident.

John keeper, CEO of Ann Arbor-based Rehabilitation Center Eisenhower and President of the Coalition for Auto No-Fault protection, said the bill "not specifically to the needs of accident victims seriously injured."

The coalition against the proposed changes and medical groups, hospitals, lawyers and other organizations. They are engaged in a battle of the lobby of car insurance companies and business groups like the Chamber of Commerce of Michigan, who want to change.

The law would have significant changes in the way people involved in accidents with serious injuries covered by state law.

We all Michigan auto insurance buy unlimited medical benefits under their coverage. Only handle the insurance protection to $ 500,000, and evaluates all insured motorists a fee for the most serious cases, to covered for reimbursement by the Michigan Association of major losses justified. The association, founded in late 1970, now covers medical costs for about 12,800 victims of accidents in the state.

Unlimited coverage for those who now stay in the system, CACM legislation, according to supporters of the development plan. But there would be no guarantee that the reporting of which are heavily injured in accidents in the future.

Instead, the drivers have options to cover injuries, probably $ 250 0 to 500 The law of evolution that can be entered in this month, is capable of a first proposal, which motorists would buy to replace a minimum of $ 50,000 coverage with unlimited cover.

The new plan may also tables of fees and other measures to contain the cost of health insurance control. And it is likely that the elements of a plan to Mo Virgil Smith, D-Detroit, which provided for some relaxation, personal insurance help protect against injury in Detroit and finally, persons residing in other areas of the state could.

The threshold of $ 250,000 would be about 99 percent of the victims of the accident, said Hune. But protecting the No-Fault Car Coalition, says the average length of acute care costs for a person with severe brain injury is more than $ 250,000, with a number of more than $ 1,000,000. CPAN says that hundreds of people a year are linked to injuries cost $ 500,000 in insurance and must rely on other income, paid to charities or taxpayers for their care.

"Currently, victims of accidents in our state, the treatment they need without resorting to social assistance" said Cornack.

But possibility of lower rates maybe tempting to some motorists, the WHO now has an average premium of more than $ 1,000 per year paid in Michigan. The proponents of flexibility to health care in Michigan could tell motorists about 15 percent of world politics and 40 percent of the basic policy that is not under the guise of collision or theft.

"Consumers in Michigan auto insurance system can not be forced into a one size fits all", said Pete Kuhnmuench, managing director of the begin, Insurance of Michigan.

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