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The average student on the way to the university next fall, with goods worth £ 2,652 - but many will not protect you.

According to research by insurer Endsleigh Student and National Union of Students have 83% of the student a laptop, while 14% have a desktop computer and 4% of a Tablet PC to have the school before the start of the new legislature.

The average student has a lot of their goods more expensive with them every day, including items such as laptops, iPhones, MP3 players and digital cameras.

Therefore, the research shows that students regularly Endsleigh average £ 1,165 of gadgets on them - even to exclusion of other popular items such as jewelry, makeup, cash and credit cards.

Peter Harrison, an expert in insurance benefits in the supermarket, said: (preparing students for the start of college can learn about the joy of the week that the students think about, to focus their insurance.

But students a prime target for theft and burglary are, and many have a number of expensive electrical equipment such protection may in the long-term insurance for the required very expensive.

How can students protect their heritage

There are some things to consider before you cover your assets are protected while thinking in the school.

For example, you can transfer content, which is covered by policy of parents who are a good way to avoid getting the bomb attack on an independent policy.

And the good news is that research shows more money supermarket insurance companies the same level of coverage on a policy for parents, children away at the college to expand without additional cost.

Aviva and Esure, such as, cover both students at university of their parents' insurance policy, while Marks & Spencer, Premier offers unlimited insurance coverage for their children students.

Other insurers that offer coverage for amount of students and their parents, the policy of Churchill, that the requested amount to £ 4000 limit, and Direct Line to pay the claims of up to 10% of the total insured.

Harrison said: "It's very important to need out adequate insurance to safeguard belongings like iPods, laptops and mobile phones and a method of bringing down the value for this cowl is to feature students onto their parent's home contents policy.

"Parents ought to bear in mind but, that any claims created can directly impact their own claims history and should result in them losing any no claims discount and lead to increased premiums within the future."

What else you should know

Other points to note, that you are with the lid on your personal property insurance of the parents provided insurance for valuable items such as iPods and laptops to protect them on the road.

With Aviva, such as, this type of reporting is not automatically a part of the standards of political content, so that certainly is not covered if your parents can not choose this option.

"key to read the fine print, because coverage levels may vary from those suppliers with existing policy", Harrison said.

Since many students today, their valuable equipment in all ages, can be useful for WHO These vendors offer special activities for students Endsleigh, if you have no insurance for personal items your parents.

For a student who Classique University of Birmingham and lives in a house with two other students in the area near the bar mobile phone and content shared, and provides coverage for loss or theft of a laptop or mobile phone anywhere in covering the UK cost £9, 99 per month.

However, if your laptop is worth more than £ 750, he has a second option at a price of €13.50 per month and offers the same range of up to €1,500.

Protect your motor too

Students lucky enough to own their own cars conjointly have to be compelled to think twice before taking their vehicles to school with them because the postcode you live in will heavily have an effect on your premium.

Harrison said: "change of address might increase students' premiums, doubtless pushing the entire cost of running an automobile beyond what several will afford."

This is definitely vital as most student digs are in less-than-salubrious areas.

The postcode within the Birmingham student space mentioned on top of, as an example, viewed as comparatively high risk by insurers and will so push the driver's premiums up much if his or her oldsters live in a locality that has statistically fewer automobile thefts.

As with failing to need out contents insurance, not notifying your insurer about your change of address might prove an enormous mistake, though, because it might lead to any future claims being rejected.

"Those who do attempt to take their cars with them ought to let no there insurer so that they will amend their policy details to replicate their change in living scenario," Harrison said. "Otherwise, they may notice themselves with no automobile and no payout to shop for a brand new one."

If your current insurer will need to extend your premiums by a big quantity, it's going to so be higher to leave your automobile at home initially and go searching for a better trot out your new postcode when your policy comes up for renewal.

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