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Auto Insurance - Autumn Motorists Waste

Autumn is one of the busiest times of year to renew car insurance, but millions of motorists are losing money by sticking with their current insurer, and not trying to get a better price elsewhere.

September is the month of registration for the new - (61) new license plates hit the stations in a few days - making it one of the most popular to buy a car, why so many people now receive news about the innovation.

If you automatically renew each year of coverage you are between 2:56 million drivers who have not taken the trouble to get moving for renewal, they cost a collective £ 2.4 billion, says the supermarket money for research.

Here is an overview of what to do if your current policy outdated, and why accept the renewal quote could be expensive.

Throwing away money

More than 7.3 million drivers in Britain automatically with their current insurance year, and one in ten of those who believe not more people from other countries to stay.

Worse still, millions of motorists automatically renews 2:56, because they have not bothered to see if she could get less coverage from another provider.

However, saving motorists an average of 333 pounds at the supermarket PLS money means shopping around for Auto insurance, which is what actually lost 2.4 billion pounds per year.

The price of loyalty

People aged 55 and older are more likely to stay with their current provider, says the study, and the average waiting time of three years before moving to a new provider.

In contrast, younger, wiser and perhaps a driver to move more and a switch of new suppliers to get more. On average, they will continue with their insurer for two years.

Pete Harrison, an expert automobile insurance said: (rising cost of living continues, consumers are really feel the effects, it is shocking to many drivers do not use the opportunity to protect their hard-earned money, you will find the cheapest rate for their insurance needs.

He warned that the provider is not likely to reward pilots how faithful (reliable supplier sull'apatia director for extension of time with the loyalty of an economy, price and the driver is rewarded must do their homework to see if it works better elsewhere.

(Although I do not think your offer can't be beaten, only takes a few minutes to make sure that you are really the best policy for you - and if not, to change).

Drive down costs

Would when shopping for a better deal on the renewal, there are some things to think that to be reduced.

Consider the options you really need. If you have access to another vehicle does not need a car, for example.

If you change your job or your address since your last update you will find the premiums are cheaper, because Your way is shorter, or you live in a safe area. Be sure to take it, aware of these changes start quotes.

Can offer improved security with approved safety equipment as immobilized and steering insurers lower premiums.

You can also increase the difference - the amount of the claim, you have to pay - to reduce premiums, but do not forget to get it cheaper than you usually do not claim to be in a place that it must .

Even if none of your circumstances have changed and that you are after exactly the same policy this year, it is interesting to shop once, especially if you have earned the value of another year bonus.

Insurance premiums and restrictive monetary growth is not the time for apathy.

By Mark Hooson

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