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Contents Insurance - Home Guide Insurance

Contents Insurance, Home Guide Insurance
A difference in the coverage for building, contents insurance is an optional part of the house insurance, but that does not mean it is less important.

Insurance protects the items inside and outside the house, not a permanent installation or assembly. Coverage for most articles, no matter how big or small as your bank, fridge and freezer, carpets in your iPod, laptop and even clothing.

Here at, with our computer, you can customize the content value of all goods you want to make sure to add our price comparison tool, you can find quotes from leading insurance companies in the comparison of Britain and insurance more affordable for all of your content.

How does an insurance company about the content ?

Contents of your property insured against loss, damage or theft. It is not only limited to your business in your home because it is also possible to secure outdoor furniture and garden plants.

There is no limit imposed on a policy on what can be achieved, and this could be a higher limit or a collective voice, usually around £ 1500 will be. If the total value of your home or individual entries exceed these limits, you will asked by their local insurance available. This article can't be limited to €150,000  and the collective value of over £ 1 million.

There are two types of measures are available to insurance and the most expensive (new to old) policy.

  • Indemnity insurance - This will take into account 'wear and tear' and also the depreciation in value of the item over time. For example a carpet bought five years ago for £800, may now only be worth £200 so the claim will only reflect its current value.
  • “New for Old” policy - Whilst this is a more expensive option, for electrical goods an furniture it may be ideal for some people. This will not take into account the condition, age or depreciation in value of the item and your claim will reflect what you initially paid for the item. For example, your broken fridge-freezer may now only be worth £100, but your insurance company will replace it with a brand new one, up to the value you first paid for it.
The elements can be added to a policy, but it happens at an extra fee. The policy can cover if you are injured in your home, and the legal protection is also wounded in event of a guest or visitor because of negligence or lack of proper maintenance.

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